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A long-(long-long-long-long-)term project for me. Hanetsuno will eventully consist of eight "episodes." Two of them are completed and on the Hanetsuno web page. The third one is about halfway finished. Look for it within the next year. (Length: long. Rated PG for violence.)

Bloody Wings
This story is in need of major revising, but I'll point you to its current version anyway. This story is about a trio of demon slayers, but it has very little to do with demon slaying. (Length: 33761 words. Rated PG-13 for violence and a few "suggestive" lines.)

Six White Horses
An Action/Adventure/Fantasy short story about Cadeyrn of Balmia, a prince who has to earn his kingship.(Length: 2591 words. Rated PG for violence)