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I forgot what I was doing....
Two poems. Twenty-two pictures (Tales section). They've been up for some time, I just haven't announced them.I'm hoping to get a new host soon. Changing some stuff to make the site look a little nicer....

the dragon doesn't look aloof enough....
My mom was in a car accident on her way to work Wednessday night (night before last). :o She's okay, just kind of sore (particularly her chest and one ankle/foot). Sometime after the accident but before she went to the hospital to make sure that soreness wasn't the harbinger of any serious phyiscal problem(s), she came home for a little while. Randi and Tambri were in the backyard when she and Dad came home, but Dad said I could let them in. I didn't think that was a good idea (Randi can be very violent by accident at times), but Dad said it was fine. I let them in, and in his mad dash to say hello, Randi stomped on Mom's injured foot twice. -_-; I fell to beating him while Mom was yelling at him about "Don't you know what 'ow' means?!?!?!" I still don't think she's forgiven him. He already forgave me for beating on him though (it only took a little petting and some leftover fruit salad).

Speaking of fruit salad. Mom's workpace was having a potluck that night. She had a foil-covered glass bowl full of fruit salad strapped down on the floor in front of the passenger seat. Despite the front of the pick-up being totaled, the bowl was completely unharmed. o_O

Randi woke me up in the middle of the night that night because he and Tambri wanted to play outside. -_- And when I woke up yesterday morning, my throat hurt (the way it does when you're sick). So I stayed home. Today, despite both tiredness and throat being worse than yesterday, I was going to go to school... but my parents were going to be gone most of the day to look at vehicles (we need a new one now), so I couldn't have come home halfway through the day if I got even more sick. -_-

I only have one new picture. I have a couple of half-finished ones I need to tackle. They should be up by the next update.


Summary of the new stuff:
--[art]one misc original

(not actually posted till 04:02:15....)
commence with the whining and the insanity and such
Say you're a teacher. When people are misbehaving in class, which is your top priority to deal with: the one who's not doing his assignment but isn't getting in anyone's way or the one who's being noisy and actively disturbing the learning environment? The latter if you ask me, and I can't imagine how anyone could think differently. Which is why I was miffed in fifth hour Friday. One of my classmates was quietly refraining from taking notes on the video we were watching (it was a 10-point assignment, so not getting those points would serve as a just punishment), but when the substitute teacher noticed, she griped incessantly at him, preventing me from hearing the accursed video so that I could do the assignment. I noticed other people were having trouble taking the notes, if only because the griping was more interesting that video. That particular is usually the disruptive class clown, but he wasn't that day. In fact, I was impressed with how quietly and dignifiedly he allowed the other teacher to escort him out. (I feel ashamed for not raising my hand when the haughty old pig asked, "Does anyone else want to leave?") Ugh. If I hear the real teacher harping to that guy on Monday, I'll stick up for him this time.

Speaking of stupid teachers. I want to take Applied Biological Science next year. It's classified as an agricultural science, but it's also a lab science (which Arizona universities insist you've taken three of before they'll let you in), and I took the prerequisite (Intro to AgriScience) last year, so it's a good deal for me. But this year I took Earth Science, a standard science, a typical lab science, one of those "normal" classes, one of those classes that a very large percent of the student body pass through (or at least smack into) at some point during their high school years. Don't let my decent grade in that class fool you; I hate that class, and I neither need nor want to learn what it has to teach me. Next year is my senior year and thus my last year of free education; I'm not going to waste it on another class like that. But with my six-point-something acres of land in Texas, I think I can make use of agriscience (knowing what weather conditions corn thrives in will do me more good than knowing how many electrons gold has on its outermost energy level) no matter what career I get into.

But my ES teacher apparently has something against agriscience. She wouldn't sign the registration paper giving me permission. She said I was too good a student and that I needed to be in a "performence" class (i.e. "Human Anatomy and Physiology"...). Neither of us could get a whole sentence worth of arguement out in leiu of the other, but I caught her saying something about "how that class [applied bio] is looked upon." Hey, that class is a lab science, which means the universities look on it well enough. A name like "Applied Biological Science" sounds prestigeous enough to anyone who's not familiar with it, and I don't have to worry about the other people in that class looking down on me for taking it, do I?

Now, I tear up when I get frustrated. Normally I hate this fact (people think you're emotionally traumatized and make a fuss, which only tosses oil in the fire), but it saved me this time. My teacher pity-signed my paper. Useful education, here I come!

(Funny part is, another of her arguments, when I said I could make use of agriscience, was that I could just take a "good" class now and look all that other stuff up on the internet later. I'm already trying to learn Japanese off the internet because the school doesn't have a Japanese class, and I'm learning art off the internet because I don't have room in my scheduale for an art class, and I have to add science to that too? For cripes sake, my parents don't pay tax dollars so that the American youth can be forcefully baby-sat several hours a day only to come home and educate themselves via the intenet. Sheesh.)

School-whining aside, I discovered a new paint bbs technique on a site whose master put an oekaki animation up, but I'm afraid I can't find the URL now. (Coulda swore I bookmarked it or something.) The results are on the Tales fanart page, specifically under Phantasia. And if you go to the misc fan art, there's a Harry Potter picture I did a while back and forgot about and some more recent Dragonlance fan art (fixed the link to an old DL fan art). And I found five unposted Pocket King fan arts sitting around, so I gave 'em their own page (which I'll probably do with Dragonlance soon).

I haven't been very productive this weekend, save for one of those ToP fan arts I did yesterday BEFORE going to the library. The library finally whipped up a section just for Dragonlance books (in the Teens section on a shelf labled sci-fi), which means I don't have to look up the fifty some different DL authors individually. It was worth not being able to find their meager manga section, because I felt silly-looking enough trying to carry nine DL books without dropping any. Three of the books I got were the "War of Souls" trilogy to which the school library does not have the first part. I plowed through Dragons of a Fallen Sun in the last twenty-four hours, all the while trying to figure out just which group of seemingly protagonistic characters I was supposed to be rooting for.

I added "Six White Horses" to the story page (still don't know why I put "Novel" on the button... too many Japanese sites...) since I hadn't before and also put a poem up in honor of my dogs. And here doth the sanity end....

So according to my friend Kaely, the words that are intended to accompany the famous/beloved melody/dance known as "The Chicken Dance" are as follows:

I don't wanna be a chicken (move hands in imitation of chicken beaks)
I don't wanna be a duck (bring hands close to armpits and flap arms like wings)
So kiss my butt! (shake butt)

Whether this is true or not, me and Kaely and Niki got it into our heads that we would add more verses to the song, using various synonyms of "butt" so that we could also use different animals. The new versus replace "chicken", "duck", and "butt" with the following words respectively:

1: turkey, goose, caboose
2: moose, deer, rear
3: weasel, minx, cheeks
4: mouse, opossum, bottom
5: chimp, lemur, keister
6: trout, bass, ass
If you can think of better animal words than opossum and lemur that rhyme with bottom and keister, or if you can think of any animals at all that rhyme with buttox or posterior, let me know. We're working on re-coreographing the new verses since the beaks and wings don't work well with the new animals, and we're a little stumped for words to the refrain (which we didn't know the original words to anyway, assuming it had words).

Summary of the new stuff:
--[art]five Pocket King fan arts
--[art]three misc fan arts (Dragonlance, Harry Potter)
--[art]two Tales fan arts
--[poem]"It's Okay if You Can't Read"
--[poem]Fixed Link: "Follow Me Into the Darkness"
--[story]"Six White Horses" (old news)