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Pocket King is some obscure little Japanese game for Game Boy Color. Go play it. Now. (I translated the plot on, and I'll help you if you can't understand what you're supposed to do.)

The Cast of Pocket King
(11/03)(SHI)Everyone. Except Cain and Pukuru for some reason....
Fencing Lessons
(SHI/PSP)How'd Rudo go from wimp to warrior so darn fast? Yeah, I figure that, as the prince, he was trained in how to use a sword, but surely he got rusty during all that time he spent cowering behind Elrick.
Elrick and Cain
(SHI)An Oekaki recreation of a picture at the end. I messed up Elrick's armor. :o
Aisha and Uni
(SHI)Flowers. Flowers. More flowers. If you have bad allergies, you might wanna avoid this pic.
On some hill somewhere
(SHI)Rudo looks a little uncomfortable....