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Harry Potter: Seeker
(SHI)Harry playing Quiditch. The perspective is wacky.
DragonLance: Raistlin ROFL!
(MSP)A scene from War of the Twins, when Caramon and Raistlin confront a goblin in the woods.
DragonLance: "Quithain, Magus"
(MSP)A scene from that short story whose name I forgot (the one where Palin takes the Test). If some creepy guy like Dalamar kissed(!) you, said something in elvish, and stood back grinning, you'd be making a mad dash through your brain to decipher what he said too. Poor Palin.
DragonLance: Raistlin and Bupu
(11/03)(MSP)A cute scene from Dragon Chronicles Volume I: Dragons of Autumn Twilight. I later checked the book and realized that it specifically mentioned that there was no fire. Oops. *must make Raistlin look creepier next time*
Valkyire Profile: Valkyrie + Yumei
(SHI)I worked hard on this bugger's line art quality. Hopefully it makes a difference.... Heh, Yumei's head was SO hard to draw. Ugh. @__@
Valkyrie Profile: Nibelung Valesti!
(SHI) That was a hard pose. @__@ I like her "spear" thing though. It's rare I'll use that much of the Shade-Off at a time. XD
Secret of Mana: Flammie
(SHI)First SoM fan art since I learned how to draw, I think.... XD Tooooo muuuuch shaaaade oofffff. I couldn't fit the extra set of wings in there right, so I had to exclude them....
Star Ocean: Joshua
(SHI)You can probably tell that this is sorta old. I didn't play SO1 much, but Joshua has such a kawaii sprite. It looks like a plushie....
Star Ocean 2: Ashton and Barrel
I haven't played much SO2 either. ^__^; But I've seen enough Ashton fan arts to fall in love.
Crystalis: Condition GREEN
(SHI)I know he's supposed to have orange hair and what have you, but I don't like that chara design. I'm mixing it with his sprite. (I tried to give him a nose, but....)
Final Fantasy IX: Zidane and Mikoto
(SHI)I wanted to draw Mikoto reeeeaaaaaly bad, but I had to do her clothes from memory..... *kicks the bg*
Animorphs: A Young Warrior's Dream
(MSP)It's anime-style Animorphs fan art! XD That pink thing down there... it's a tree.
The Lord of the Rings - Hobitses
It's funny how you get so many comments if you do some fan art of something popular. It was like a wave of comments...! :o
ph34r the sealness
(10/02)(SHI)I think he looks like he's about to sneeze.... ^_^ This was my third serious atempt at animal realism. It looks pretty realistic if you look at it by itself, but it gets cartoony compared to the photo I used. I wish I could credit the photographer, but I forgot where I found the photo....