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Chara Design - Aikel
(MSP/PSP)It's not TOO paintfully out-dated... yet.

Nalya Troop
(MSP/PSP)The quaint li'l faery town that only looks like it's made of cardboard.

Chara Design - Yousei
(6/02)(MSP)First decent pic of Yousei....

Yousei, Puddles, Sunny
(SHI)Puddles and Sunny are always fighting with each other. It looks like Sunny just got iced or something, heh.

(SHI)Here Yousei teaches us why we shouldn't go pole vaulting down hills. I'm grateful for the foreshortening on this bugger.

Stepping Away
(SHI)Trying double/back light sources, gack! It seems I've got this habit of ignoring universal symbols (such as sun=happy, toy=happy, etc.) Or maybe I'm not ignoring them? She is facing away from both....

Chara Design - Saraelye
(PP/PSP)It's an oldie, but one of the better oldies.... Still kinda funky though.

Chara Design - Prithvi
(PP/PSP)See above comment.

Comin' Right at Ya!
(SHI)More double light sources and evil foreshortening~!

Chara Design - Mistice
(MSP)I don't like her wings, especially the one in the back, but I like her legs enough to ignore it. The Japanese writing reads, "Woman of Ice... Dragon of Ice... Mistice" if you're curious.

Kamiri and his Peryton
(MSP)The pride of my msPaint work! There are some annoying little quirks about it, but I like it (especially the bg, I'm bad at those buggers).

Good Use of Friends
(SHI)If you aren't capable of land/air travel, befriend someone who is! Everything save the drawing of Mistice's legs bugs me slightly. *oughta edit out thouse lil black marks*

Chara Design - Terraia
(PP/PSP)Centaur/Cockatrice spearwoman/Earth mage.... heh. Her back legs are funny. Looks like she's gotta go potty...

Paper Doll of Justice
(SHI)This was a little experiment on the idea of a black/white/pencilly character on a colored bg....

Inber -Hououken
(9/03)(SHI)Recently updated from an old/crappy version of the same subject. (Forgot to upload the new one till recently)

Aikel Advertisement
(11/02)(SHI)Done as an shameless plug for Hanetsuno. :D As for the Japanese writing.... It just says "Hanetsuno's Aikel" and I wrote it by copying each letter pixel-by-pixel.

Hard Battle
(11/02)(SHI)Ph34r the wacky merfolk architecture! That pose was hard. It's not quite perfect, but I'm grateful I got it that close.

(SHI)This was probably the first pic I used "soft solids" for, and it made that furry line art way easier than it seems like it'd be. I was worried I'd mess his hair up if I tried to make it more detailed, so he gets undetailed hair. :D

Rotebi and Kolkil
(SHI)This subject matter was done on paper originally. This one is better for the most part, but Kolkil was cuter in the other. (I forgot Rotebi's blue hair.)

A Worried Child
(11/02)(SHI)The combination of the pinkish wall, the floor, and the purple wall in the back was EVIL ON MY WRIST. ;_; I wasn't quite finished when my browser messed up. Fortunately I'd taken a screenshot only a few seconds before. So I neglected a few touch-ups I'd planned....

Chara Design - Kyri
(12/02)(MSP/PSP)Finally got around to redoing her picture. No little poem this time, but it looks way better. (Damn you, you little chains~!!!)

Not a Child Anymore
(SHI)Ahh! Bad grass! This whole pic was inspired by a clover patch that's somewhere on my school campus. *pokes clover in pic*

Princess of the Sea
(SHI)That bg was evil. I shoulda made those bead thingies shinier or something....

Rotebi and Kolkil Again
(1/03)(SHI)The BG stinks, but at the time of its creation, this picture is my best of 2003. Shoulda left Rotebi's shirt on, I tell ya....

Master Roki
(1/03)(SHI)Apparently, I'm the only one who does not like his wings. I think they look sloppy. :/

Group Picture
(SHI)BLARG! This was a hand killer. X_x I think it took nine or ten hours total to finish it. T-T

(11/03)(SHI)Trying to imitate John William Waterhouse's style for a school project.

(11/03)(SHI)Trying to imitate William Holman Hunt's style for a school project.

Tree Talk
(12/03)(MSP)Himeki and Wealden in The Tree. Ebil perspective.