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(S# = number of book you need to read to avoid having story spoiled by that picture!)

Haplo and Dog
(10/02)(SHI)I still haven't quite decided how I want to draw Haplo. This was the first shot. Among other things, I've ditch the red runes and decided they all ought to be blue.... (The BG is cheapo~!)

Food Astrology
(SHI)Paithan, Calandra, Dragon, Zifnab, and that astrologer guy in that scene in the second book, where we learn that the sun is at least seven kumquats away.

S5 - Eww, Dolphins....
(SHI)Ugh, I hate that middle ground water! @_@

Zifnab and Dragon
(11/02)(SHI)The Dragon is about half the size he oughta be, and he's miss-preportioned. Oh, well, I like his mouth, and Zifnab. ^_^

S7 - Do No Violence!(Corpse Only)
(11/02)(SHI)That corpse was so fun to color~! :D I sorta didn't want to put his phantasm over it! Click on the second link to see what it looked like prior to the phantasm (and bg).

Haplo and Dog again
(SHI)(10/02)Haplo: This time I will not succumb. This time I will witness the journey through Death's Gate! ^o^
Dog: *yawn* *scratchscratch*
Haplo: A lot you care.... -_-;;;
Dog: o.o! *tries to pay attention*

Haplo and the Woman
(SHI)Little flashback in Elven Star, I suppose.... I'm still having issues with those runes, grr!