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Last Update 2002-11-01

Recent Updates:
-Page Created

-More Links?

My Other Web Sites
Webpage for my story. Come read if you like fantasy fiction.

Phantasy Planet Aselia
A fan site for Namco's Tales of series. Play these games, then come visit this website.

Microsoft Paint Tutorial
It needs updated, but....

Elfwood - Lothlorian/Fan Quarter
My galleries at

Links to Other People
Where my love of fiction writing was born.

Oekaki Central
Where my recent artistic "growth spurt" happened.
"Hey, where'd you buy your talent?!"
They taught me lots.
They taught me lots also.

How To Draw Manga .com
Them too.

Tales Channel
Namco's official Tales of web site. Have Japanese fonts enabled, yo.

Phantasian Productions
We have achieved cult status. A Tales site. Look for me on the boards.

Dhaos Union
(Need Japanese fonts.) A Tales of/Dhaos fan site. I draw on their oekaki sometimes (using shiruya as my sn).